No Branding, No Cricket World Cup

No Branding, No Cricket World Cup

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Published on: Jun 14, 2019

This year's Cricket World Cup is in full flow, and there have already been a few surprises. Some say England will win, some say India can win it.

There's bound to be some more shocks along the way this year, but you’d not go far wrong back either England or India to win it. Make sure you check out the Indian legal sports betting sites though if you’re thinking of backing either side. And of course, bet responsibly.

This competition and Cricket, on the whole, is becoming more and more popular year after year with the exciting new competitions such as the IPL gracing our screens in recent years. But where would the World Cup be without financial backing by top brands? The answer is simple, there wouldn’t be one. Let’s explain in a little more depth…

A Growing Global Connection

Companies have been quick to spot just how great it can be for business if you link up with the ICC. GoDaddy understands the global reach of the competition, and with it being the most popular sport in the country, it makes complete sense to throw a load of money at it to maximise the benefits.

Hublot are another newcomer this year, and they’ve seen how well the likes of a long time sponsors Oppo, Nissan, MoneyGram, Emirates and Coca-Cola have done, which is why they’re on board. If you look at the 2015 World Cup as an example, Airtel, Maruti Suzuki, Hero, Vodafone, Amul, FedEx, Fevikwik and Raymond were the big brands that year who threw their money behind the competition. Around $100m in fact. Not exactly pennies. But with large payments comes large rewards, and the companies have thrived since then, and all would no doubt say that the Cricket World Cup was well worth paying for. The money the sponsors pay is one reason why the prize money for the players and the teams nowadays is so lucrative.

Prize Money is on the Rise

The money on offer for the winners of the Cricket World Cup is now at the highest level it’s ever been. If you look at the figures from the 2003 competition as an example, the winners, Australia, received $2m, whereas that year’s runners up, India, got $800,000.

Fast forward to this year’s World Cup and prize money on offer for the tournament is a whopping $10m. The winners will receive a cool $4m, whereas the runners up will get $2m. There’s a nice sum of cash for the semi-final losers too as they’ll each pocket $800,000. Teams will also get $40,000 for each win throughout the competition too.

2023 World Cup in India – What Numbers Can We Expect?

There are over 20 global brands associated with the Cricket World Cup these days as its commercial partners, but just how big could it be when India hosts the spectacle? Will they host the tournament as defending champions? It’s four years away yet, but if it goes the same way as 2015 did compared to this year, then we could be looking at silly numbers for the competition. The winners could well receive $50m!

MoneyGram have been linked with the ICC for over a decade now, and even though the tournament only happens once every four years, they constantly see the benefits, so it doesn’t matter if there’s no tournament going on or not. It looks like they’ll be the exclusive financial partner for a long time to come too. They now do business in over 200 countries worldwide. The Cricket World Cup has played a significant part in that.

It remains to be seen how much brands will pay in 2020 to be part of the action, but one thing is for sure – If you’re a top brand and you’re not investing in the Cricket World Cup, then you’re almost certainly missing out.

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